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  • i'm testing out making a new thread, because, as of yesterday, i can't reply to anything in the forum. if i hit the reply button, the text box that pops up is huge. and doesn't work. i tried in Chrome and Safari.

    lets see if this works. (also going to try to attach an image)

  • image upload worked fine. also, i can reply to my own thread. i'll try to reply on a different thread and see what happens...

  • no. can't do it. i can't reply to older threads, even if i started them....

  • Tech Staff


    There's an issue with the reply area.

    For now if you reply to the first entry (delete the @name ) you can continue the thread. It seems the further down the thread you reply the larger the reply area opens.

  • @dbini said:

    no. can't do it. i can't reply to older threads, even if i started them....

     We're trying to get NodeBB to supply us with a fix.

    Here's a workaround that works for me:

    1) Hit reply button... editor fills the frame, etc.
    2) Hit the little red button with the "speech balloon" and three dots to hide the reply
    3) Scroll to the first post
    4) Hit the red button again
    5) Now you can successfully enter text, apply formatting, etc.

    More here: https://community.troikatronix...

    Best Wishes,

  • i can't add files to my posts (.izz or zipped .izz) but images are fine....

  • Tech Staff


    At the moment, even though it says that setting the file name is optional, its necessary. You have to set a name for the upload to be shown. Sorry for the inconvenience.

    Best Michel

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