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    Hello everyone,

    I'm assisting a user who is having trouble outputting to three projectors using Isadora 2.6.1 on a new iMac Pro on (High Sierra).

    I was wondering if anyone here has access to an iMac Pro and three projectors, (we confirmed it worked fine with three external monitors).

    Please send me a direct message if you're willing to lend a hand testing.

    Thanks so much and best wishes,


  • Did You solve the problem ?

    I'm working on MacPro with four projectors and it works.

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    @Woland ist talking about an iMac Pro not a Mac Pro. 

    Best Michel

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    As Michel said, I'm wondering about anyone's Isadora experiences with the new iMac Pro. We had a user that was experiencing hitherto unknown, and very strange, issues with Isadora+three projectors+the new iMac Pro.

    Since we don't have access to a new iMac Pro, I was hoping someone on the forum might have access and could do some testing to try and reproduce the issue.

    I have a Mac Pro myself, and love it. It has run seven video surfaces and a 1080i wireless HDMI live feed simultaneously without even breaking a sweat. While I don't doubt that the new iMac Pro also has powerful hardware too, I'm just wondering if the hardware used or something else about how the new machine is setup could be causing the issue.

    Best wishes,


  • Hey @Woland I have a show running currently that is using an iMac Pro and running 2x 4K outputs and 1x HD output, though it is running through a matrix before going to projectors.

    After Thursday I should be able to get access to a base model iMac Pro and can do some tests directly to a couple of projectors. Do you know what type of output and resolution they are trying to send?



  • Hi @Woland,

    Can you tell us a bit more about resolution you're trying to output on video projectors ?

    And what kind of cable and length you are using through projectors ?

    It seems it is not a problem coming from Isadora but from kind of frequency and resolution each Bus can manage of the iMac Pro.

    As far as I know, Isadora has no problem to manage three outputs at the same time.

    You can find more info here :



    Second link advices for example to plug the biggest resolution at the very end.

    Kind of device and frequency seems to be very important too. 

    This kind of question went out also when people began using Mac Pro 2013 (the "bin").

    6 outputs but, as well as iMac pro, not a Bus dedicated to each output, so you can face bugs depending on which output you're plugging your devices.

    I may have time to test projectors on  iMac Pro tomorrow , let us know if you found a solution until then.