Help: Isadora crash: error -4

  • Dears,

    Dears, Isadora crash on Hackintosh quad core lenovo y580 Yosemite 10.10.5. D'ont have the report at moment.

  • Tech Staff

    Error 4 seems to relate to an download error.

    Try changing your internet connection settings. (Isadora checks to see if an update is available if there is a connection)

  • @dusx

    Hello, thanks

    I made upgrade to El Captain and install new version 2.6 and works perfectly now (solved).

    Tested Isadora Synphon to madmapper and don't crash :) continuing...


  • @fr4b3lo said:

    Tested Isadora Synphon to madmapper and don't crash :) continuing...

    Hackintosh!!! Man, some of you folks are super brave. ;-)

    When you have a second, I'd like to know how difficult it was to configure this machine - i.e., in terms of hours of your time. And do you have some kind of blazing fast graphics card in the machine?

    Best Wishes,

  • @mark Hello Mark, sorry to reply this only now. I make a laptop Hackintosh on Lenovo Y580 to try. In el captain works pretty good, now busy on Sierra that has some bugs in video card. In laptops can't use Nvidia card (desktops yes) and this makes a bit disappointed.

    Now beginning again this error 4 and don't open Isadora, crash before that start Image where show Isadora version, load plugins, etc. Isadora worked pretty good in EL Captain.