• Would support for this codec be possible? Would it bost performance if used with the ci movie player, or does this make no sense? http://vdmx.vidvox.net/blog/hap

  • Izzy Guru

    @mark this sounds interessting.

  • Tech Staff

    If its supported by Quicktime.. it should be possible to port to Windows??

  • Sounds like scheme for DXV for Resolume. The benefits materialize only in given app - VDMX. But since the code is Open Source it would be matter of Mark to make it native for Isadora and run as good as in VDMX.

  • Tech Staff

    At least its opened up unlike DXV. If it can be ported for windows support, I would get behind it. DXV already gives me photo jpg level playback + Alpha.
    Hap might be a longer term solution. Unless we start to see similar movement in quicktime development from Apple.

  • Yes, this looks very interesting. I will examine this closely and consider the implications.
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  • Izzy Guru

    This does look interesting. Looking forward to hearing more about it.

  • Interesting indeed. It would be great to implement this in Isadora...
    Soon there will be no more work left for the CPU !

  • I did a quick test with 2 clips on 2 layers encoded to Hap and Hap alpha in VDMX and PhotoJPG and PNG(with alpha) in Modul8. Difference is 43%CPU (VDMX) versus 147%CPU(M8). Amazing!

  • just read Skulpture's link to Hap. ok. I'm interested too.

  • Izzy Guru

    A little bit more info here:


  • I just compared Hap versus ProResLT (1920x1080), same quality, same stream, same performance on Izzy.

    I dont really see the advantage… It's so easy and fast to obtain ProRes with FCPX, I am not very interested by a supplementary compression.
    Wait and see

  • Hello,

    I change my mind, the hap alpha for 3D incrust (from Cinema 4D) or blue screen composite is very good.

  • @jhoepffner

    it is GPU accelerated codec that works in accelerated mode in the specific app, that supports it. Same procedure as Resolume and DXV codec. However the implementation is open source so any app can be made to support the codec fully. 
    You may want to try your clips in ProRes and Hap in latest VDMX. 
    BTW VDMX will run on your mac the same as Isadora. You only can not save anything before you buy it.

  • Vanakaru  is right.... you need an app that can take advantage of the GPU feature before you'll see anything happen. But from my preliminary reading, it seems clear that I should make this happen in Isadora.

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  • Izzy Guru

    From the VDMX Forums; 

    "The file sizes for Hap movies are going to be a lot bigger than P-JPEG, the advantage is way lower CPU usage, if you've got a slow disk, it might not make sense to convert your movies right away.

    Also note, if you've got movies that contain subtle gradients or fine details that need to be preserved, try using the "Hap Q" codec instead, the quality is a lot better in these situations!"


  • this would be real nice. It's from the guy who co-wrote syphon with vade and they are both extremely talented coders

  • Beta Tester

    In Isadora I would guess that one would only really enjoy the benefits of HAP when working entirely with Core actors. Mark, is this correct?

  • For the moment that is true. But once I get the FreeFrameGL support out, then it will be more generally important.

    Best Wishes,

  • This is terribly exciting! I've started playing around with VDMX lately, and this performance is simply breathtaking. 9 HD Videos full 1080p playing back at 30fps is something that only large scale media servers have dreamed of before.

    As Isadora is my tool of choice for theatre work, I look forward to seeing HAP in Isadora as well! Keep up the good work Mark!