Animated 3D Model Particles

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    Isadora has some great native particle generators.
    This proof-of-concept shows the result of animating the 3D Models and manipulating the parameters of the 3D Model Particles actor to create a run-time swarming effect that is responsive to real-time inputs.


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  • Tech Staff

    This is really cool! 

  • Tech Staff

    How have you made the 3D model animate? I'm intrigued as we don't support FBX?

  • @Skulpture


    The 3D models have been rigged in 3D animation software. The model has been saved as a new mesh file for each pose in the animation cycle. For example, a walk cycle is made up of eight key poses - foot fall and cross over on each side with arms following opposite.  Therefore, the 3D media bin has a series of 3ds files that make up the sequential poses of the animated model. It is then just a simple implementation of a Counter actor replacing the mesh file to create the illusion of continuous internal movement of the model. 

    So there it is - effective but inefficient and ultimately very limited. But it does help to fire the imagination and glimpse what a future might be like, in terms of 3D animation and real- time rendering etc.

    Always searching for new ways to extend from what appears to be a limitation in Isadora.

    I just want the software to be great and find another level of interaction.

    Best wishes