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    I have a question about USB key licenses.  If I am buying a brand new USB key License, do I pay $650 and that includes the physical key, or do I pay $650 plus $100 for a new key fob?



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    The $650 price for the USB Key license includes the cost of the physical USB key, so if you are buying a new one, you only pay $650.

    If you were upgrading an existing Standard Edition license (price $550) to an USB Key license, you would pay $100 for the USB Key Upgrade in order to get the physical USB Key.

    Please note that the Subscription licenses for Isadora 3 cannot be USB Key licenses. (They use two different licensing systems that are not, as of yet, compatible.)

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    I would like to ask a question to other people who teach on this forum about the price of the student licence for a year.

    I teach in a high school in Belgium (students around 18y). When I tell them a year licence for the students is ±€70/75 (incl VAT) I get this answer:
    "That is to expensive, they only have to pay €60 a year for the full adobe suit."

    I try to explain that Isadora needs this support and a whole other array of reasons but still I am not allowed to ask that amount unless I don't ask anything else of them. (So that is what i did, no adobe in my class contrary to the other classes).

    Are there teachers here with the same problem or is it just me? 

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    I am not a teacher but work at the University of the Arts in Zurich and we have a similar problem. 

    About a year ago they had to pay around € 90.- for the complete suite. Now for the full creative cloud suite they get it for free. But how can any small company compete with that.
    In 2017 analysts estimate the total number of Creative Cloud customers to be approximately 12 millions. So if each of them paid € 60.- per year this would be 720 millions. I guess its more and yes there are thousands working for Adobe compared to a handful for Troikatronix.

    But ask them if they ever launch a small company them selfs would they give there work away for very little money? Or do they want to get payed properly for the work? I made the experience that those who complained the loudest because of high prices are the ones that are not cheap if they start working when they finish university.

    Best Michel

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    @gertjanb said:

    with the same problem

    One issue for me is the difficulty in being able to build a value proposition around Isadora that translates into industry settings. I have been introducing the software to students for years and specifically within the context of students developing projection projects and interactive installations in public spaces. However, as the the market for original work of this nature is weak in my community it is difficult to transform these integrated learning experiences into the uptake of licenses. Even students who start to achieve some autonomy in the sector are unmoved to invest in the software. In many cases it is because these students go on to work with other artists and technicians who provide different standards of software integration for specific sites of production i.e. Watchout for projection mapping, QLab for live show control, Touch Designer for interactive projects. From my perspective Isadora can cover many of the features of these individual products, but it does not have a significant buy-in from the sector. Perhaps this can be addressed somehow with a targeted campaign to educate the sector about the amazing flexibility and capacity of Isadora? Might need an Isadora world tour?

    Best Wishes


  • @bonemap  I agree with many of the things you are saying. And that is why I create last year the Isadora Latin Network -RIL- the only art network authorized by troikatronix in Latin America, to give workshop, artistic project developments and share different experiences about Isadora and its great potential



  • Dear Mark,

    Thank you for incorporating so many social concerns. What about a leasing model? I 'd love to be given the opportunity to rent Isadora, but after a given period of time, to own it! Not a good Idea? Kindly, JK

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    @salimelo said:

    What about a leasing model? I 'd love to be given the opportunity to rent Isadora, but after a given period of time, to own it!

    We may look into this at some point in the future, but for now we do not have the infrastructure to support a leasing model. We believe that the subscription models are affordable enough for now.

  • @mark I got my Isadora 1 at an academic discount and not associated with Harvard any more. Since then I've upgraded to v 2 at full price. Now I am teaching at a theatre school. How should approach the 2 to 3 upgrade? I don't see a discount option on the Get It page.


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  • @woland Thanks, submitted a ticket.