Pricing for Isadora v3

  • Dear Community,

    First, I want to thank all of you who contributed to the discussion we initiated about Isadora pricing. The entire team read every word your wrote, and your input led to many thoughtful discussions and debates among us. Your input helped us come up with a pricing structure that allows us to continue to improve Isadora, to offer you the excellent and friendly technical support you rely on, and to ensure the well being of TroikaTronix into the future.

    One thing not covered here: we will also start charging fixed rates in EUR and GBP in our online store. In the past, those prices fluctuated due to the exchange rate, and it will be better for all concerned if we set fixed prices for the two currencies most often used when users purchase Isadora.

    The trickiest issue was figuring out a way to allow low-income artists get their hands on Isadora while ensuring we can generate sufficient income to grow into the future. (I especially appreciated @bonemap's response to this particular topic in the community pricing discussion.) We've come up with a solution we're excited about: the TroikaTronix Digital Residency Program. You can read details about this new initiative below.

    I hope that you'll see some of the ideas you voiced reflected in the plan below. Again, thank you so much for your input.


    Mark Coniglio + the TroikaTronix Team


    Standard Edition

    Buy To Own:
    New License = US$550
    Upgrade from v2 to v3 = US$175 (For Licenses purchased before Mar 28, 2018)
    Upgrade from v2 to v3 = US$100 (For Licenses purchased on or after Mar 28, 2018)
    Upgrade from v1 to v3 = US$300 (same as v2 Upgrade Price + New Upgrade Price)

    Subscription - One Year = US$150 (40% savings over the monthly price)
    Subscription - One Month = US$17.50
    Subscription - One Week = US$10.00

    USB Key Edition

    New USB Key License = US$650
    USB Key Upgrade = US$100 (Our supplier raised their prices.)


    Educational Discount: 50% on everything EXCEPT the Weekly Rental (US$10) and the physical USB Key (US$100).  As part of this change, we are removing the volume discount where higher quantities offered greater discounts. 

    Standard Edition

    Buy To Own:
    New License = US$275
    Upgrade from v2 to v3 = US$87.5 (Only for Individual Licenses purchased before Mar 28, 2018)
    Upgrade from v2 to v3 = US$50 (Only for Individual Licenses purchased on or after March 28, 2018)
    Upgrade from v1 to v3 = US$150

    Subscription - One Year = US$75
    Subscription - One Month = US$8.75
    Subscription - One Week = US$10.00

    USB Key Edition

    New USB Key License = US$375 
    USB Key Upgrade = US$100 (Our supplier raised their prices.)

    TroikaTronix Digital Residency:

    Starting this fall, we will begin the TroikaTronix Digital Residency program. Artists who need Isadora but cannot afford to pay full price can request a year long subscription to Isadora on a sliding price scale. We're still working out the exact details, but in general terms, it will work like this:

    Artists who wish to apply for the residency will have the following questions:

    1) What do you plan to do with Isadora?
    2) How will Isadora affect your artistic practice in the coming year?
    3) When people pay for Isadora, we use the income to make the software better. If no one paid, we'd eventually have to close our doors. With this in mind, why do you feel that we should give you a discount?
    4) How much can you afford to pay? (Here, there will be a pop-up menu showing prices ranging from 10% to 90% of normal price.)

    We will select our digital residents based on their need as well as the sincerity and passion with which they answer the questions above. We will require those who benefit from this program to share their discoveries and experiments with Isadora users on social media, and to give credit to the residency program if their work is exhibited publicly.