multiple Korg NanoKONTROL2’s on the same patch?

  • hi all, 

    i reckon it's not hard but i can't figure out how to use more than 1 Korg NanoKONTROL2 at the same time. i don't see this in any threads so far; be happy to read a followup on a previous post if you point a link.

    i'm using DusX’s -Korg NANO KONTROLLER actor- for audio as QT mov's (for various reasons) on Izzy 2.1 on these 2 machine:

    mid-2010 2.4 mac/4 gigs Ram laptop running 10.6.8

    mid-2014 2.8 mac/16 gigs Ram laptop running 10.10.5

    i'd like to run multiple NanoKONTROL2's from a single machine . i can't figure out how to recognize/number them separately and assign specific Media Bins to each within the same computer's patch.

    it's been quite a while since i've used izzy in a show. i have a gig coming up and i'm familiar with the version and patch so i hope i don't have to upgrade yet and there's a way to do this.

    thanks for reading,


    ps: apologies in advance if the formatting is weird, last time it crushed everything together into a single para so i'm doublespacing

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    I will see if I can borrow a second NanoKontrol2 and try this.
    In theory it should be possible since each actor can have its Midi in and out port set, but it may depend on how the Hardware is seen by the system.

  • @dusx

    excellent, thanks! i'm planning to use a powered usb breakout so i can plug both midis, hard drive and izzy key.



  • Hello,

    I use two nanoKontrol at the same time. There is no problem for it, the only problem is that Macos doesn't discriminate each one (even if you give different names in audio-midi settings) so you have to test it at each connexion and change the port number accordingly.

    Beside that, works perfectly.


  • you can use the Korg Nano Kontrol Editor software to assign different control numbers to each unit if you want to keep them both on the same port/channel. or assign different channels or ports. free download here