• Is it possible to get a "multimix" actor, able to be opened and edited?

    I would appreciate being able to choose hoy many input channels to have.
    Or perhaps it is possible already and I do not know how.
  • Tech Staff

    You can not adjust the number of inputs on a multimix.

    However if you need more that is supplied you can run a multimix into a multimix, giving you more inputs.
    They will still mix down in the same manner.

  • .... or if you need fewer channels, just don't use them. if its an aesthetic thing, you can make a user actor with a multimix in it, but with fewer channels connected to input actors.

    they will still mix down in the same manner.
  • Izzy Guru

    Or you put multiple multimix in a user actor and publish the inputs and combine the two or more outputs to one.

  • yes. understood and thanks for the answers!

    as far as I understand (*), multimix uses a lot of resources.
    I need 9 inputs in 8 different strings. which results in 3 multimix per string = 24 multimix
    with a "9 inputs multimix", I just need 8.
    editable multimix sound like a nice idea, mh?
    * mark said: MultiMix actors will also eat your CPU

  • i see what you mean - the addition of a 'number of inputs' selector would be nice, rather than being fixed at 8.

  • Tech Staff

    I don't believe that multimix will do anything with the inputs that are not connected.

    Meaning that empty inputs should not increase cpu usage.
    CPU will only be used to mix down the video from active inputs.
  • Izzy Guru

    That's a good thought DusX...

  • nice indeed.

    lets wait to see if mark has some further ideas.

  • Dear All,

    DusX speaks the truth: the unconnected inputs of a MultiMix actor do not consume any resources at all. Why can you adjust the inputs? Because there are basically eight different functions inside, each one optimized for the number of inputs you provide (i.e., the first one processes one image, the second one processes two, and so on.)
    Best Wishes,