• I have been following (@DusX) interesting work around about soft edge masking ( https://community.troikatronix...) .... Referring to the published x/y-values from the mapper/projector: Theses values get accessible in the projector as "offset x/y" or "mapper modulation input". They are obviously not "real"  x/y coordinates. Is it possible to transform the offset x/y values into "real" coordinates? Do I have to move all points to (0,0) in the mapper in order to manipulate them as "real coordinates" from outside the mapper?

  • Tech Staff


    They work as offsets, with a range -1 to 1.
    If you want to set them as 'real'  coordinates, you may need to move all points to center (effective 0,0)
    This will allow you to 'draw' with the offsets using relative coordinates.

    Otherwise the offset method allows easy modification and resetting.

    I honestly haven't tried this centering approach but I think it should work.

  • Thanks a lot for the quick response. I guess, I better keep coordinates and "offset" separated... ;o) Best regards, T.