• Hi All,

    I'm about to build a new PC for a show coming.

    I' would like to know if some of the Isadora community has try a build whit an AMD ryzen 7 rpocessor working well whit isadora?

    Best to all.


  • Due to Apple's abandonment of the Mac Pro line I was forced to build a PC last year and built it around the Ryzen 1800x and dual 1080TIs. I haven't used Isadora on it but performance has been next level and flawless in Houdini, Cinema 4d and Davinci Resolve.

    If you have any concerns choosing Ryzen over Intel then don't but if you're concerned about single core clock speed versus multithreading in Isadora Mark might be able to suggest with is the better way to go. I don't know how well Isadora takes advantage of multithreading or whether it prefers a fast single core which would make me lean towards Ryzen or Intel respectively. It may be a moot point given the fact Isadora does a lot of work on the GPU.

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    The discussion in this thread might be interesting to you: https://community.troikatronix...

    Though maybe you're trying to build a powerhouse beyond the affordable, powerful machine that was the goal in that post.

    Best wishes,