Elgato Stream Desk configurable keypad

  • Does anyone already have experiences with this interesting device?


    It seames, though it was anounced as a game streaming tool, it is used heavily by av event profesionals.

    There is even an ongoing open source developing of a separate even more complex preset software. With already working controlsets of professional soft and hardware like BM or Barco.




  • I have one. The ability to send graphics to the buttons is really useful, and combined with the fact that they are actual switches with tactile feedback is better than on screen buttons on a touch screen. It needs its software to be running to for it to work, it does not store the settings and graphics on the device as far as I can tell. I haven't used other software with it yet, but there are a couple of open source projects around that talk to it. Don't know the ins and outs of those as I advent had the need to use them yet.