Isadora, UE4, Character Animator, Green Screen via Stage Production

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    As per a post a few weeks ago, here are a couple of links to an experiment using Isadora as the control of a stage production of SHREK, the musical, via the Rochester Civic Theatre.

    The projected set was designed in Unreal Engine 4, thus allowing for subtle animations of the projected set. (Not demonstrated are animation fly-throughs used via scene changes).  They were exported to video files and incorporated into the Izzy patch.  The projections, sound FX, character animator (via syphon) were triggered via the light board.

    Act 1, Scene four Excerpt:

    Act 2, Scene nine Excerpt:

    So many possibilities of combining the power of UE4 and Isadora.



  • Nice job! I'll have to check out Adobe Character animator

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    Interesting approach thanks for sharing. Did you try triggering any of the Character Animator transitions with Isadora? I know Adobe have implemented midi triggers in Character Animator but I haven’t had a chance to use the application since last year, it would have been great if they had implemented OSC as well.

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  • I have not yet tried the MIDI triggers into Animator from Isadora.  I think there are some great potentials there... It is relatively easy to build your own digital "puppet" via Illustrator or photoshop.  Thanks for the feedback!