[False Alarm!!] Warning: Spam Email about New Forum - DON'T OPEN!

  • WARNING: We just received a spam email saying that TroikaTronix is announcing a new forum, and instructing you to open a link for further instructions. DO NOT OPEN THE LINK NOR THE ATTACHED WORD DOCUMENT. We are investigating to see what happened.

  • It's starting to look like an Isadora user's email was breached, and that this is not a problem on our end. We're continuing to investigate.

  • False Alarm: from what we can tell, the spam we warned about yesterday was not targeted at the Isadora community in general, nor was our archived forum from 2012 compromised. Thanks for letting us be over-cautious. 

  • Beta Platinum


    It would be devastating and highly disruptive to have the Isadora forum compromised. Best to keep vigilant and on top of user privacy. Is it possible to consider stripping user data from archived forums if you think there is the possibility of a breach?

    Best wishes