• I'm looking for a way to synchronize and record sound and movie simultaneously created in Izzy. 
    I've read some previous posts about using Soundflower or Syphon Recorder but couldn't get them to work. 

    Option 1. I find a way to record the live sound I'm creating using interactivity  and then match that in a editing software. 

    option 2. There's a way to make it happen in Izzy that I don't know about. 

    any thoughts?

  • Hello,

    You cannot (for the moment) record sound in Isadora. My way to do it is to use Ableton Live, in parallel with Isadora, linking the two with midi. But you have to make a merging file after or read it separately, adjusting properly the delay.

    Hoping sound and video recording is coming soon.


  • Thank you. 
    I hope there will be a simple record sound with video button sometime soon!

  • @thepepperpepper syphon recorder also works well.