• I posted this in the bug report, attached is the sample file.

    3D mosaic actor does not fade on scene change. Only textured images fades to black, mosaic pieces stay active until scene is deactivated then it cuts out.


  • Izzy Guru

    This may be a bug or something to do with the OpenGL on the card. You may have to create an envelope generator to fade out the intensity before chaining scenes.

  • Hmmm I often go the envelope generator route, with an end trigger for scene change as well as preload for the next scene just to be sure... a straight crossfade fade between complex scenes can be difficult sometimes. Of course the envelope generator route generally assumes you are fading to black between scenes...

  • The work around i am using is to move in the 3d space so titles go off screen. The opacity only fades the incoming texture so tiles turn black but does nothing more than the scene fade. Tiles stay full on until they cut out regardless of opacIty value or transfer mode. i have duplicated the issue on 2 different win7 machines, with Nvidia and AMD. is the attached learn behaving differently on your machines.

  • Hi,

    I have the same rendering problem with your patch on my windows machine.
    The problem stays even if you try to mix the mosaics in the same scene.
    So I think it's not a scene fade problem, but a 3d object blend issue

  • Thanks for filing the bug report. It's in the queue.