• Hi,
    as I am working in the field of interactive installations, I often come to the point that I have to simulate visitors in the installation space.
    Usually I use the Isadora 2D XY pad and change the XY position in the pad (=position user in the space) manually.

    Is there a clever way to simulate a human walk as kind of a random walk with changing the XY coordinates?
    But the changes should be smooth, so no random numbers with big steps between.
    Just, like drawing e cury endless line in the XY pad object.

    Thanks for any hint.


  • Tech Staff

    you might use pulse and random.. then smoother to transition the steps smoothly.

    I use this approach to build smooth/random movements for 2d tetrahedrons here

  • @dusx

    thanks for this. I tried it out and it works almost fluent.

    best wishes,