Audio Hardware to output 4 channels​

  • Audio Hardware to output 4 channels. 

    Anyone have current recommendations for external audio hardware with latest Mac OS and Isadora 2.6?
     My older Tascam is now obsolete. I'm looking for a portable unit, with a couple of mic inputs and minimum of 4 channel outputs. Just curious what devices are working well for Izzy users? Thanks in advance for any tips.

  • I am thinking something like the Steinberg UR44 (6 Channel)?

  • Hello,

    Personally I use Motu UltraLite Mk3 since a long time. 2 Mic inputs, 6 balanced line inputs, 8 balanced outputs, 2 unbalanced, good quality and reliable. Midi in/out

    Works very well on MacOs and Windows, decent DSP filters, good internal routing, nice preamps, 

    Less expansive you have focusrite, more expansive RME.

    Avoid Berlinger and M-Audio.

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    I have used the Focusrite Clarett 8 and the Motu Traveller Mk2 both on MacOS directly with Isadora. I would have to say I found the Moto a better option and agree with Jacques advice.

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    I like my RME Fireface 400. I have it now for 10 years and is rock solid. Absolutely stable and surviving a lot of other hardware/laptops that I changed in the meantime. It may cost more, but calculating its endurance its much cheaper than other brands I find.

  • @jhoepffner Agree!

  • @jhoepffner I would say the extra money for RME is worth it, you get input processing and an OSC or midi controlled hardware mixer. I had trouble with many versions of MOTU drivers, they are written in a way that demands software middleware to take care of sample rate conversion. I have seen the drivers crash many times with mxed sample rate input. There are a lot of posts on MOTU forums about this but they are embedded in a flawed hardware design so it cannot change. It is not that uncommon to have  mixed smaple rates in Live (which can handle it assuming that the hardware you have knows what to do, MOTU does not always deal with this correctly. But definitely avoid behringer and maudio

  • @fred

    I completely agree with you about RME, its another league, principally on AD-DA conversion and preamp clarity. I have not so much trouble with Motu but I use it mainly on MacOs where resample is managed by the system. Its not the same on Windows and one of my next investment will be a firewire UFXII.

  • @jhoepffner

    Looks like there is a Mk4 model that seems good too. Not firewire (none of my computers are firewire anymore anyway), but is USB3 and iOS compatible and also onboard effects that hold when running standalone. 

    Anyone had issues with this model?  I see no mention of OSC in the tech specs, though MIDI of course is available.

  • @primaldivine

    Mk4 is a very good solution because you have ADAT, so the possibility to ad 8 more channels easily.

    Concerning Midi/Osc its not the same problem/solution.

    With Midi IN/Out you can communicate with another musical devices, instruments, keyboard etc. but most of them are now directly pluggable in Usb, as nanoKontrol

    Osc is more about the ability to change setting inside the audio-card from software or devices (touchOSC on iOs for example). RME have clear commands, easy to use. With Motu you can use proprietary modules, some in touchOsc to access some settings but its very difficult, perhaps impossible, to use OSC to change settings from Isadora.

    You have to know that. RME Fireface UC is 875€, Motu ultraLite mK4 is 687€, for me with the difference in preamp and converter quality, the routing, the DSP and the OSC, if I have to choose now, its RME.