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    I'm hoping for a bit of advice. I haven't played with motion tracking in Isadora since the original Kinect was the go-to camera. I am embarking on a fairly intensive interactive dance piece and was hoping to get recommendations on a new camera to purchase, as I no longer have my Kinect.

    I saw Mark's post about the natively supported cameras in Isadora 3, but I don't have any hands on experience with them.


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    There are a number of options for motion tracking in Isadora, so it will depend on what kind of tracking you are going to attempt and what hardware and operating system is being used.

    I have found the simplest solution, for my time and money, to be pairing Delecode NiMate with a Microsoft Kinect and streaming the skeleton tracking points produced into Isadora. This solution is getting harder to accomplish, because of the discontinuation of the Kinect and the progress of software updates etc.

    I am also anticipating a solution from Isadora v3. But it appears to be a fragmented market in terms of Kinect alternatives. Mark has suggested Orbbec Astra as a potential candidate for skeleton tracking in Isadora v3. However, the Orbbec camera is not supported by the Delicode software - NiMate & Z vector. There is also uncertainty over the legal integration of some of the code in the Isadora NiTE plugin which we are yet to see as a beta release.

    I have projects that use skeleton tracking for museum, stage and street front applications and am starting to get the impression that I might need to invest in a solution and commission the development  of custom software to achieve my goals.

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  • @z-ivans

    My opinion: we don't know when Isadora version 3 will be available, and as @bonemap says, there are potentially some licensing issues around motion capture cameras.

    So, what works well at the moment? Isadora Version 2.6 and the Kinect 2. The hardware may have been discontinued but there are hundreds of them in secondhand shops and on eBay, as well as the adaptors to use them with PCs and Macs.

    Like Bonemap, I've had good success using NiMate and Kinect 2 to get skeleton data via OSC into Isadora.
    However, there are other tracking methods, using video cameras and the eyes / eyes++ actors.
    To some extent what strategy you use depends on what you want to want to accomplish... if it's detecting movement into and out of areas on the floor to trigger something, then a USB webcam and eyes++ actor might work.
    Mark has a whole tutorial using infra-red tracking which isn't affected by theatre lights. That's here. It's a good watch, not only for the IR technique, but for Isadora tracking in general.