Wanted: MIDI Timecode and Multi-Display Beta Testers for Isadora 3

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    Hello all,

    We're in search of a few folks to beta test the new MIDI Timecode feature set in the Isadora 3 Beta who are experienced in the use of MTC. If you're capable of thoroughly testing MTC features and willing to put the time in to give us meaningful feedback about this feature set, please send me a direct message via the forum.

    We are also looking for folks to thoroughly test Isadora's new upper limit of 16 displays plus the new edge-blending capabilities. If you have access to one or more Datapath x4's/Matrox TripleHead2Gos/Blackmagic 8x SDI output cards, and tons of projectors/displays, please shoot me a message. You'd need to have the capability to run 8-16 individual displays off of one computer. If this sounds like something you can do, please send me a direct message via the forum.

    Extra brownie points if you can test for us on both Mac and Windows.

    Best wishes,


    P.S. If you're already beta testing for us, no need to message me or comment here ;)

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    @woland Can do timecode and have end of the week a setup with an Razer core X and 6 channel VEGA 56 with 4 projectors and 2 screens over thunderbolt3. Cheers, Barney

  • Tech Staff

    Only the Datapath X4's / Matrox TripleHead2Go's ? I got a Blackmagic 8x SDI output card in a PC, interested ?

  • Tech Staff

    @juriaan said:

    Only the Datapath X4's / Matrox TripleHead2Go's ? I got a Blackmagic 8x SDI output card in a PC, interested ?


  • Hi,

    I have i9, 64gb Ram, 512SSD , 1TB Raid SSD, 1080 display card run on Windows 10 LTSB,

    Macbook Pro 15 (2018) i7 16gb 512SSD , High sierra

    Imac 2018 i5, 32gb 512SSD, High sierra

    3pcs of matrox triplehead2go and 1pc of dualhead2go

    if if suitable for you, I can help to test it,



  • I have a few AJA ha5-4k that works as a video wall and have run in 16 out configurations.

    a bunch of 2h2go and 3h2go

    I also have PCs with 760, 960 980m, 1080 quadro and anew quadro p5200 16GB laptop that I can't wait to see what it can do.

    No macs.

  • Sign me me up for the MTC testing if its still needed

  • could test the multi-display with 10 outputs on a i7 / M2 SSD / Win8 PC with 2 x Quadro M4000 (with and without SLI Bridge) + 1x triple head SE and 10 x 1920x1080 22" Monitor...with 8 (including the GUI) outputs on a MacPro as well...let me know

  • @woland

    Hi I 'he TO PC desktop whit an Nvidia 960 GTX in each , I can put the two Nvidia in one , i still have had that build whit an i7 6700K , a feaw month ago. Now i have tow DEsktop.

    @ the Studio DBO there are also two Matrox Triplehead , PC and mac , 7 video  propjectors à the moment and time for research.

    So I can test multiple sreen for you if you want.

    Best regrads 



  • If it is still needed I could do some multi-display testing. I have a bunch of triple heads and a couple of the Seada G4K Wall controllers which are similar to the Datapath x4.



  • I would love to do some multi-display testing for you. I have a Matrox triple-head and am about to get a Blackmagic Decklink Duo 2 so I could theoretically run nine or ten displays off of my MBP.

  • I have a MacPro 2013 6 core D700  and a few datapath x4's and triple head DE's I can test on.