• OK this is probably really simple, but I'm struggling to find any documentation that addresses what's happening for me.
    I'm trying to project onto a circular screen. Seems easy enough.

    I open izzymap on my projector actor, delete the default rectangle, place a "complex shape", tick "curved", and mess around with my control points and grab handles until it fits the screen.

    All well and good.

    However: The above process works fine with my output, but not my input.

    no matter what I do, i don't seem to have handles for bezier curves available to me in the input window. leaving me with content which is distorted onto a circle rather than masked onto a circle.

    anyone got any idea why this is happening?

  • Tech Staff

  • Tech Staff


    The relationship between Input and Output is sometimes difficult to understand, and it is different in Composite layers as opposed to the others.
    As shown in Lucas's screen capture, there is a Circle Composite sub-slice, this is likely the best for you to start with.
    I suggest you then start with the Input (I like to use a split view so I can see both). The Input will allow you to select the region of video only.
    The Input side will be the only side you can add points to, and edit Beziers (you may have been confused about which section you were working in)
    Once the general content is selected, go to the Output, here you can place the Region for output, and adjust shape/quads (no beziers).
    (I suggest only moving the shape, avoid quads unless you need to change perspective)
    You can go to Input to make additional shape selections/changes as needed.

    The Composite selection types (square, triangle, circle, subslices) are the only pure Masking types, and these sub-slices can be combined on the Input side to create complex selections.

    I would suggest to go thru this Knowledge base tutorial to get a deeper understanding: https://support.troikatronix.c...

  • @woland perfect, That will do the job nicely. thanks.

    Although I still don't know why the "complex shape" tool behaves differently for me in the input window than the output window.

    it's one of those gaps in understanding that I feel will come back to bite me at a later date when I need to mask something a bit more detailed. 

    Oh well, I'm on track for now at least.