• Microsoft has just announced Azure Kinect.


    It's meant as a Development Kit for but at $399 I suspect it'll be quite a popular device for 3D scanning, interactive work and affordable 3D motion capture applications. It's going to be available in late June.

    The sensor SDK is open source so that may mean it could be ported to MacOS in the future? Currently Windows and Linux are supported officially.

    For my line of work I've been wanting to get an affordable 3d mocap system together that didn't rely upon obsolete hardware, this new Kinect might just what I've been waiting for.

    Don't blame me if this just means Skynet ends up with eyes directly into your studio...


  • Tech Staff

    Yes, this does look very interesting.
    I will be investigating further.

  • hello.

    yes please, maybe there is a way to intergrate it in izzy out of the box....


  • Izzy Guru

    Got my eye on this for sure!