Trigger Latch

  • To prevent re-triggering from nervous fingers or noisy instruments I've created this latch. 

    The trigger delay is used to lock the gate on a stream of triggers. A more elegant solution using only the logical calculators would be nice so that I don't have a situation where the trigger delay actor fails if the CPU is momentarily busy during that 100ms interval
    Trigger Latch.izz.
    Trigger Latch.izz

  • @opmeyer

    use the second file - I can't remove the first file I attached. 

  • does it do the same thing as the Multi Blocker?

  • Tech Staff

    If you hold down a button, a Keyboard Watcher set to "down" will trigger over and over. Example Gif

    If you put a Multi Blocker between them, it's better, but the Multi Blocker only prevents re-triggering for a period of time, meaning it's possible to re-trigger. Example Gif

    If I have something I want to trigger once, and only once, per Scene, I send the trigger through a Gate that initializes on and feeds into a Trigger Value actor that turns the Gate off after it lets data pass the first time. This makes it a one-time-only trigger (until I leave and re-enter the Scene). Example Gif

    If I have something I want to trigger multiple times in a Scene, but that I'm afraid might accidentally get triggered more than once at a time, I use a Keyboard Watcher set to "up" instead of "down" so that holding down the button cannot accidentally trigger it more than once. Example Gif

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    @dbini said:

    does it do the same thing as the Multi Blocker?

     It looks roughly equivalent, yeah.