• any body know why the audio glitches when playing on Video player 

    And how I can help / solve this issue

    We use it in a theatre show  and happened twice tonight on two inserts which have played perfect for a week in show

    No editing has been done on these videos 


    Tr 742

  • Tech Staff

    Hi there, please open a new support ticket using the following link :


    That will get you the most fast reponse from one of the Isadora Staff members.

    Regarding your issue : With the limited information you give us we really can't help you further. Could you please tell us a bit about your setup, what is the codec of the video, when exactly does it happen (Does it also happen in rehearals for example or not ? Did you update your machine ?)

    With kind regards,


  • @Juriaan 

    Thanks for help advice. Have contacted support 

    Re this issue