Something funny with my webcam only works with scale to smallest image.

  • I'm using the windows version 1.3.0f24 and something is up with my webcam.  I wanted to see if anyone else is having a similar issue.  It will only work if I have it set to full on the input setting and if I have the "when combining" section under preferences set to scale to smallest image.  If I don't do that then the webcam input is black.  It is also doing this when I use an ipod with the iwebcamara app.  I'd like to have my show set to scale to default resolution, but it is a no go.  Any ideas?  

  • Tech Staff

    I also have issues like this, I can only connect external usb camera at full scale.
    I have not noticed any relation to the scale to smallest setting.

    What resolution are you wanting to create your show at? What is the full resolution of your input camera?

  • Izzy Guru

    I've never had this... strange. Is this just a windows thing?

  • Tech Staff

    Might be.

  • known bug reported before. there might be a newer version floating around.


  • This isn't a pressing matter.  I have no problem using my input in full resolution.  My input is an ipod using iwebcamera.  The resolution is 320x240 so really I want it to be full.  The bigger problem is having to scale to smallest image when combining.  I'd rather scale to default resolution.  If I combine anything with the ipod video then my output will be 320x240 instead of 1400x1050 for example.  The live video doesn't matter to me as much as my other content when I combine it.

  • Tech Staff

    I just confirmed, that with version f25 on windows, I can capture at halfsize (or full), with scale to defaut set, and all is working as expected. (f24, did not allow this for me)
    So I would look for a newer version. I am pretty sure that @Mark has posted some elsewhere in the forum.