Do I need to use Dual-link adapters with a DH2Go and Radeon 5770 card?

  • Hi Folks,

    I've got a Mac Pro with a Radeon 5770 card. Anyone know if I need to buy the spendy Dual-link adapters for the following config? 
    1\. DualHead2Go (2048x768)
    2\. Projector (1280x800)
    3\. Control monitor (1024x768)
    Everything would be connected via DVI-to-VGA adapter, or MiniDP-to-VGA adapter.
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    You will need one for the dualhead2go but not for the other displays. I would recomend the Monoprice version since there have been reports of issues between apple's and the matrox stuff.

  • I connected everything via VGA and no Dual-link adapters needed.

  • I could not get it to work. The adapter to the dual head worked when I just ran it to a VGA projector directly. But not with the dual head Digital Edition.  I spent additional money buying the DVI to VGA adapters from Matrox, again... None of it works.  So discouraged.  Using a 2008 17" mac book pro with DVI out.  NOt sure if that display out is dual or single.  Not sure what Matrox would change the signal from digital down to a VGA analogue and then back out to DVI.  Requires an extra adapter.  On my other machine   early 2011 MBPro. I bought the new triplehead2goDP edition.  The active adapters from display port  to VGA to projectors don't work. NOR does a display port to HDMI adapter with to an hdmi capable projector work.  I am so frustrated.  I need either one of these to work to at least two projectors by first weekend of October for an installation.  HELP!!!!

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    Which version of the DualHead2Go are you using?

  • You need to install Matrox Power Desk software for things to work. I only had problems with  cheap miniDP to VGA adapters which was solved by purchasing the apples miniDP to VGA adapter.

    Regarding the dual-link DVI adapters you can probably run out of bandwidth if you do 3840x1080, but if you do you should have lower resolutions as the ones you mentioned, available. Better yet, and as you've suggested, you should run the analog signal (DVI-VGA) which has higher limitations.