Single Desktop -control screen ideas

  • I got my w9000 ATI graphics card working in my Windows 7 64bit box
    It's giving me 6 screens as 1 desktop at 7680x1024. 
    Is there a way to OFFSET the isadora screen when in full show mode so that the STAGE would start at 1280-7680 and give me the first desktop for my Control screen?
    Obviously when i go into full mode it takes over and i cannot address my patch except through OSC controls which i am fine in creating but i would LOVE to have a controllable show on "screen 1"
    I would like to have my stage as one desktop so i can take advantage of the GL acceleration 

    I understand that i could configure each screen individually and us chopper etc.. to get my panoramas but i am wondering if there is a way to 
    1.) Have my 7680x1024 be my one main desktop, but offset 1280X0.
    Graham said in an email that if i hit Command+ i might be able to bring up the patch window, but i guess what i am really doing is requesting a feature for offset of Stages in Full screen/single desktop mode.

  • Is this something that could be addressed if we crack open the SDK?

    Perhaps a special multi-screen projector actor?

  • Hi Patrick,

    Maybe I missunderstand a bit what you want, but if I understand well, what you need is:
    In catalyst drivers ( I have no ati machine running, so names are going to be aproximative):
    -Set all your screens independent
    -Then make a catalyst group with screens 2>6 ( 6400x1024 ) that isadora will recognise as your screen n°2
    So you keep screen1 for patching/control

  • It won't seem to let me do that. When i try to create what you are suggesting and i have tried several ways  which is a

    5x1+1 setup it always disables the +1 monitor which is super frustrating. So i am thinking about other solutions
    thank you for your thoughtful reply though Mehdi

  • you may need to create different configurations, perhaps 3 screens 2x wide. or 2 screens 3x wide. that way you can set one of the screens to how stages on the available subdivisions so you have a clear section available for the interface.otherwise you may need to set preview window to your 5x wide desktop. do force preview and then move the window in place. you'll have to set lower resolutions and deal with the window borders tho and perhaps a performance hit.

  • Izzy Guru

    Hi @PatrickPagano 

    My reply via email was very similar to @[keftaparty]( idea.
    Really you need each screen to be independent rather than one long extended desktop. Then you can control each one.
    Have you found a solution/work around yet?

  • Hi,

    I would really not recommand setting 6 different screens into catalyst.
    Under windows isadora takes a HUGE amount of ressource to deal with multiple stages on multiple screens.
    @[PatrickPagano]( : I would dig a bit into catalyst, sometimes setting the groups is tricky.
    By the way, if you're on a ivybridge machine, isn't it possible to use the intel HD chip for your control monitor ? ( never tried it with isadora )

  • Basically, what he needs is the TripleHead2Go (left/mid/right) feature but for in sixths instead of thirds. This was the response I wrote to him privately this morning:

    _There is no perfect solution.

    The Stage Preferences allow you to specify which third of the screen will be used for a stage – this is to support the Matrox TripleHead2Go. Now, if you go to the stage preferences, and set it up as shown in the attached picture, you'll end up with two stages: one covering outputs 3 + 4, and one covering outputs 5 + 6. The first third would have nothing, allowing you to see your document.

    To be able to divide this into sixths, I'll need to modify the program. And that's not something I can promise immediately.

    Is there room for one more card in your machine? Get a cheap-o card with one output for the User Interface? That's the immediate solution I'm afraid.
    Best Wishes,

  • Hi Everyone and thanks as always for the thoughtful and innovative ideas regarding Isadora.

    I actually was thinking about as Mark also suggested adding a low-cost Nvidia GT card into the machine and now have Catalyst running a 5X1 configuration @ 8000x1200 as one single desktop and the Nvidia Card acting as my control screen. This will make shows MUCH more easy. 

  • Hi Patrick,

    I was allways told that ATI + NVidia drivers have big problems to run besides.
    I think you should better buy a second ATI.
    Don't you have a Ivy bridge CPU ?

  • i tested them today and they worked fine together. I guess i could install another ATI card but i really did not want to place another eyefinity into the machine just for a control monitor but i guess if i could put it into crossfire it miugt be worth it. What problems have you heard about Mehdi?