Native Support for Affinity Photo Files

  • Rumor has it that Adobe will double the price of the $9.99/mo photography bundle (Lightroom & Photoshop), bringing it to $20/mo. This has caused me to look into other options for photo editors, the most promising of which seems to be Affinity Photo, a one time purchase for $50. It works well! A free trial on their website is available-- I recommend you take a look! 

    The only problem is that my workflow in Isadora heavily relies on the ability to import PSD files, which can be edited at a moment's notice. It would be awesome if Isadora could import the .afphoto documents just the same as .PSDs. I think it would complement Isadora's existing one-time-purchase model to be directly compatible with other software that utilizes that same user friendly model.

    Thoughts? Anybody else here use Affinity and have any tips and tricks for Isadora integration? I'd love to hear them!

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    Have you looked at this?

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    I will probably also change from Photoshop to Affinity sooner or later. A Moderator on the Affinity forum wrote:

    It is our advice that for typical usage, you should import PSD files, then work with them in the Affinity afphoto format, and use PSD export for producing final output documents.

    Best Michel

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    I use both Affinity Photo and Designer. I am transitioning away from the Adobe suite. (replacing Premiere and After effects with Resolve and Fusion).

    Affinity Photos support for PSD is very good. You can easily continue your workflow as is, and that would be the recommended approach as @Michel pointed out.

  • @dusx not relevant really but hooray for the resolve fusion combo, I have been on this track for a year and a half and it is really great. No more adobe!!!

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    After running Adobe for about 20 years and a empty wallet further, I switched last year ago to Affinity Photo and Designer, best choice ever! And their hardcopy manuals are great by the way! Another application I still use a LOT is Pixelmator. All programs can output PSD, except Pixelmator, but I assume Pixelmator Pro will do this as well. Somehow Affinity also feels very clear/logical in usage.

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    I'm looking here:

    and I don't see support for the HAP codec. Are you successfully using it? Or do you have an alternate recommendation?

    After MANY years of using Adobe, I stuck with CS6 when they went to the subscription model. Now, CS6 feels like an antique, especially on my newer, faster systems. I think I need to keep PhotoShop, but I can get it for $10/month on the photographer plan, which is okay. I don't use Lightroom, preferring Capture One, so it's a bit of a waste. But..... How does Affinity compare to PS? I do a ton of work with layers. 

    The real loss for me is Premiere and Media Encoder. How does Resolve stack up? Especially in the export realm??



  • @citizenjoe resolve does not export or playback hap, or prores on windows. I much prefer it as an editor than premiere, and the new beta solves a lot for me. The free version is pretty amazing but does not come with a lot of hardware acceleration, so the full version (250 bucks, no subscription) is worth it.

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    Fusion can export Hap (as Fred said not Resolve), however, if you are including audio its a pain (audio needs to be linked in a separate file).
    I am now using 'Shutter Encoder' for my Hap mov batching. (PS Hap MOV works as well as AVI in Isadora 3)
    For Hap AVI, I am using Vegas Movie Studio (still my go to video editor when I want to do things fast) it has AVI render support (no batching).
    (needs to be the Movie Studio platinum or Suite)
    Losing Adobe Media Encoder is really the hardest part of dropping Adobe for me.

    Affinity Photo is pretty great. I have been working on lrg print images with ~100 layers (lots of groups/folders) that are over 2gb (photoshop large file format) and they are working perfectly. 
    Affinity Designer is also pretty nice.
    But I am still learning both.