• hi 

    Can I get audio to go full volume between scene mixes 

    I use a jump actor about  1.5 sec I need audio 

    (With audio cues to be full volume as soon as scene selected. And video mixes thru as per jump actor. 


  • Tech Staff

    Let me understand what you are looking for more clearly.

    You have 2 scenes. Both with Audio?
    You want to transition Scene1 --> Scene2 with a visual crossfade time of 1.5 secs ?
    You do not want an Audio crossfade (as is the default when cross fading 2 scenes).

    Do you have an audio track that plays constant, while images are changing?
    What is the effect you are trying to produce?

    I suspect you have 2 options. 
    1: Create one scene that crossfades between your media at the audio progresses. (this requires a little more patching in Isadora)
    2: Run a Background scene to play your Audio separately from your visual content, and use the last Visual scene to deactivate your Audio background scene.