• Hello everyone,

    Firstly I’d like to thank you all for your patience, this has been a long and intense process.

    We had every intention of releasing today, but about a week ago we discovered an issue with our online store that prevents us from applying the academic discount properly. We have been trying to resolve this issue with their tech support team for a week, but they have yet to provide a solution that we find workable.

    Keeping Isadora affordable has been one of my core values since the very beginning, and for that reason I need to make sure that we can offer the 50% academic discount as we originally announced.

    Due to this situation it seems that we’re going to miss the "by the End of May" as stated previously by a few days. The people from FastSpring have promised to work over the weekend with us so we can get this solved; if they give us what we need we hope now to release next Monday, June 3rd. (And frankly, new issues came up as late as last night: e.g. what happens if you start Isadora in Mojave and you choose to "disallow" access to the video camera when MacOS asks? And back I dive into code... ;-) ) Having a few stable days to go through the whole program again will be useful.)

    We will keep you all appraised of any new developments.

    Best Wishes,
    Mark Coniglio

    P.S. You know who's awesome? Our beta testers for putting so much energy into this process, the Q+A team of @Woland, @DusX, @mc_monte for putting in countless, tiresome hours of testing, our fearless company manager @Xenia who's juggling the Werkstatt prep at the same time as dealing with this store problem, and all of you for being so damn patient. THANK YOU ALL!

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    Mark and amazing sleepless team, great work, great response on the input! Izzy 3 is going in multi projection mode here this year ;) 

  • Thanks to all of you. We know you are awesome! We are excited but we can wait another couple of days... Mark (and all of the team that are there), I'll have a large drink waiting for you in Prague!

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    @catfergusson said:

    I'll have a large drink waiting for you in Prague!

     Oooh! I love Prague!

  • Damn. Kept the weekend free to play with Izzy 3. But ok, now I will concentrate on the champions league final.



  • Looking forward to seeing you in Prague!

  • @vjw and @catfergusson 

    Off topic: when you say Prague, are you guys going to the PQ?


  • Yup PQ - booked in, packed and good to go. 

  • Well then... I was invited to be part of a talk but due to a snafu that panel was cancelled. So I was thinking about not going. But I think I will go ahead an go... probably there will be other Isadora users there. We should plan a hang!

    Thanks for helping me make a decision aobut this; I was on the fence.

    Best Wishes,

  • [UPDATE}

    So FastSpring developed a solution to our problem. We're testing the store now and should be good for Monday.

    Thanks again for your patience.


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    @mark Take your time Mark. I'm with you. Whatever happens. You know that.

  • 🏋🏾‍♂️ heavy lifting here!

  • Dear All,

    Can you hear the frenzied final testing? It's pretty intense, so I'm sure you can hear it even half way across the globe.

    Still shooting for today... a couple late breaking finds that we wanted to fix to give you the best version we can.

    More soon,

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    @mark said:

    a couple late breaking finds

    Well you know there will be more to fix once it is out in the world. hearing you... and empathising... wishing you the best release experience ever


  • Alright folks... about an hour ago I finished on a couple late breaking finds, and that threw off our timing a bit. (The weirdest was an issue with undo/redo in the GLSL/Javascript editor that only seems to appear on specific machines.)  Anyway... it's not a good idea to post this at 9pm as none of us has slept much and we want to be awake to respond should we have missed something silly with the installer.

    We've sent 2.9b55 out the beta testers to have one last bash to help ensure that's not the case. We intend to release tomorrow morning (Tue June 4) Berlin time.

    Thanks again for your patience and enthusiasm. We're almost there.

    Warm Wishes,

  • Hi Mark and Izzy-team!  For us it is easy: We are just waiting for X-mas eve, while you are wrapping the present. Thanks for all your effort and energy to make such an effort!

  • @mark

    Sucks that your panel was canceled!!!

    I do hope you will still come!  Would love to celebrate and enjoy a moment with you, indeed.

    Best, Alex

  • @aolis said:

    Sucks that your panel was canceled!!!I do hope you will still come!  Would love to celebrate and enjoy a moment with you, indeed.

     Sadly I'm not going to make it. Really bummed out about that. I would have loved to see everyone.

  • Hey Folks,

    Here's the latest: during night, one of the beta testers discovered that very tiny numbers near zero (e.g., 0.000000009) would display in Isadora as "+1e-9". This discovery led the the discovery of another (and much worse) problem: enter a number with enough decimal points, and it will show up as completely the wrong number, e.g., enter .123412341234 into a Calculator actor and it would come think you entered .7239. :-(

    These are just two examples of things that delay us. I've made the fixes and done so as carefully as I can, but now we have go through a series of tests to ensure that the fix didn't create some other different bug. The first of of these two I described is used by every part of the program that draws a number. So we've got to be sure it's ok.

    This small example pretty much sums up the last year of our work here.

    We're testing again... I'll update here as soon as I know more.

    -- Mark

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    I have seen this bug a couple of times too. Lets hope it is not an endemic issue

    Best wishes