(iphone) Sensor Data & streaming CSV data to Isadora

  • Hi,
    I just came across the iphone app Sensor Data http://www.wavefrontlabs.com/Wavefront_Labs/Sensor_Data.html
    and was wondering if there is a way to get the streamed CSV data into Isadora? Or if you know about another application that received the CSV data and makes it available as something Isadora can use?

    Another possiblity to obtain the iphone's sensor data would be the UseSensor app https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/use-sensors/id533229198?mt=8, which streams data in an XML format. Any idea?
    Thank you,

  • Look at the Data Array actor.  I believe it can import CSV data.

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    Hi Stephan,

    To read more than the first item in CSV file you need to first change it to tab deliminated text in excel or any spreadsheet. It can then be read using the data array actor and you'll get all of the columns.

    An FYI I've found working with Wavefront's program -- I've found its great for collecting data, but terribly buggy and crash prone when used for streaming.

    Depending on the data that you're interested in capturing live there are a bunch of options --  TouchOSC and Control are both great and reliable apps that stream accelerometer (touch OSC) and acc& gyro data (control) over wifi.  GyrOSC is another option.

    here's a data array example to scroll through the sensor data files.

    a44157-sensor_data_array.izz 54fd7b-sd_0408_000013.txt

  • Thank you Craig and Ian.
    Your data array example is very clear, thank you Ian!
    I have extensively being working with Touch OSC, and so GyrOSC is a breeze :-) thanks for the tip. It also provides all data that the UseSensor app would stream, already in OSC format, and hopefully will do for my project.
    Great. Best,

  • if you have knowledge of max you can use this app, C74  http://nr74.org/software/c74.html

    it even sells itself on the app store with " bridge between your iOS device and several desktop applications like...Isadora."
    you can access, GPS, accel, gyro, compass, shake, proximity and microphone, and create your own interface like with touch osc.
    i found it straight forward to use, you can then send the data to isadora from the max patch via MIDI or OSC.
    watch a demo here,