• Tech Staff

    Hello all,

    The new TroikaTronix Plugin Page is open for submissions!

    If you’re one of the brilliant and generous Isadora users who has used the SDK to create your own custom 32-bit Isadora 1&2 plugins, we’d love it if you could submit any plugins that you’ve posted on the forum in the past (and any new ones you’d like to share!) to the new Plugins page so that the entire community can enjoy them and find them more easily.

    Also, anyone who has created handy User Actors/Macros, GLSL Shaders, FFGL plugins, example/template/tutorial Isadora files for Isadora 2 or Isadora 3 that they’d like to share with the community is welcome to submit those too!

    If you’ve already got Isadora 3 and have used the new Theme Editor in the View menu to create some custom Themes you’d like to share, those can also be submitted :-)

    Best wishes,

    The TroikaTronix Team

    P.S. @dbengali and @djinoui I’m looking at you ;-)

    P.P.S. Sadly the lovely 32-bit custom Isadora Plugins for Isadora 1&2 will not run in Isadora 3 because the program is now 64-bit. The SDK for creating 64-bit, GPU-based custom Isadora Plugins is not yet complete but it’s on the roadmap as a long-term goal. If you are a developer of custom Isadora Plugins, we might be putting out a form to sign up for a mailing list soon so keep your eye’s peeled!

  • Tech Staff

    From the Isadora 3 Release Notes

    Theme Editor

    For the first time ever you can create your own custom themes for Isadora.

    To access this feature, go to the menu in Isadora and select View > Show Theme Editor.

    You can select a different theme to use by going to the menu in Isadora and selecting View > Themes.

    You can move your themes between computers by going to the menu in Isadora and selecting View > Open Themes Folder and then copying the files to another computer.

    Here are some Isadora Themes made by Ryan Webber (Dusx) which are available on the TroikaTronix Plugin Page.

    DX - Rustbelt

    DX - Live10