Black magic video recorder...

  • Did anybody used this little fella called Black Magic Video Recorder with Isadora? Does it work ok for live camera streaming?

  • This will not work, it only shows up as a capture device in the blackmagic software.

  • Thanks Fred... Bummer...

  • Somebody will correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe anything that will work with this will work with Izzy:

  • I confirm what Fred says. It doesn't work.

  • BM videorecorder works ONLY in supplied software. I have made this mistake many years ago when it came out. There are few more similar devises that have their proprietary software. Some Elgato TV dongles if I remember right.

    However there is a fair amount of information about good capture dongles and other devises on Isadora forums(new and old).

  • Yes.. I did the same mistake....

  • Tech Staff

    Funny though because some BM stuff works with resolume arena/avenue.... I wonder how/why?

  • I just brought a Blackmagic UltraStudio Mini Recorder and it partially works. HDMI or SDI to thunderbolt

    I get some capture options in Izzy but not all. I can get all manner of HD 1080p at varying frame rates but what I what I'm missing is 1080p at 30fps. - the only one I really need (iPad 3rd gen).
    Other than that its a good solution for ~$150 what res and frame rate were you hoping to capture ?

    Anyone got any ideas how I could convert my iPads hdmi out to something other than 30fps ?

  • Dear Eyesoar,

    Does any other third-party (i.e,. not BlackMagic) software that shows the 1080p30 input? E.g., QuickTime Player X when attempting to record??
    Best Wishes,

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