[ANSWERED] Video transmission Hd base t ?

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    I'm looking for a way to transmit video from macbook pro ( hdmi 1920x1200 ) to a projector. The distance is 50 meters. I'm thinking of a hdmi to hd base t converter, anyone has a model to advice ? Or another way to do it ? 



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    So personally I would go for either SDI with those distances or for NDI (NewTek), basically Isadora (3) is capable of sending a NDI Stream, then you only need a small PC to receive the stream and spit it out to HDMI.

    Other way is to go full SDI and get some Blackmagic Micro Converters (HDMI > SDI & SDI > HDMI) and some SDI cable, really straightforward that way.

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    I think SDI is going to be a solid option for the distance. 

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  • As far as I know it's not possible to use SDI for 1920x1200 resolution.

    Only "video standarts" resolutions can be used with SDI.


  • @juriaan hdbaset for sure, you will get non SMPTE standards like 1920 1200 and look for digital snake cables, they are aimed at audio but are high quality sftp cables and generally cat 7, and rugged. I use some Aten HDMI -hdbaset boxes. The only thing to note is most often the colour compression is 4:2:0, which can be fine, unless your need really pixel perfect. Then SDI at SMPTE is great as colour space is maintained.

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    @keftaparty @Fred 

    Thanks for correcting me on that it is always good to learn more about the details!

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    Thanks for the information :) I personally had terrible experience with those kind of systems.. (Could also be because of the model..) Will try those Aten HDMI one day.

  • I personally have been using Fiber cable and HDMI over fiber a lot recently. You can get the resolution you need and can travel long distances without the fear of electromagnetic interference... The only down side is the cost. The adapters can be fairly pricey. The cable itself can be fairly reasonable in price.

    I have been using the Shinybow HDMI over Fiber kits (https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c...) and multimode OM3 Duplex LC connector fiber and haven't had any troubles with them yet...I have also used some of the Gefen DVI over fiber and they are quite good as well, but more expensive. 

    I had created a HDBaseT system, focused around a Gefen Matrix, and we had some flicker issues that have made me nervous about HDBaseT since. Though a lot of projectors are now implementing it which opens up some interesting possibilities.

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    @cambrucedavis said:

    Fiber kits (https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c...) and multimode OM3 Duplex LC

     That sounds great. What kind of cable lengths have you used?

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    I've used up to 50m (164ft) and with a few connection points went probably to 250ft and it worked great. Using OM3 fiber they are rated to go 300m (984ft). There are other units that are rated to go further, but I haven't had the need for that yet in mostly indoor theatre...

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    I have very good experiences with decimator MD-LX. But I believe in larger projects you be better off with fiber. Coaxial is going to be heavy at certain distances....Iworked before with the Blackmagic mini converters, but somehow had always little problems with them. Keep in mind if you go over SDI to stay within the SDI specs for output. I am always using SwitchResX to check, double check, triple check...

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    And forgot to mention the new active HDMI optical fiber cables that are around now, no converters at all! Saw them even on spools of 100meter at Sound and Light in Frankfurt.

  • I'm using PURETOOLS PTE-HD50. With 90m cat 6 UFTP cable and barely had any problem. Why 90 m ? Provider always keeps a 10 % safety from builder's info (100 m). I bought a 5m HDMI cable from computer to TX and a 5m HDMI cable from RX to projector.

    PURETOOLS : german brand.... ;)

    BTW, they also sell an HDMI cable with a safety. A kind of locker that finally bring HDMI cable in "safe zone"... Must check...