Two differrent output size

  • Hi everyone,

    I'm starting use Izzy for a dance play. The concept is simple : one big screen behind two dancers sitting on a bench.

    I want to project an Hd (1920x1080) video trough a video projector (via hdmi or DVI) and send, at the same time, one vga signal to a lcd monitor on the scene to allow the dancers see what happen in their back (for sync purpose).

    I have one matrox th2go, I plan to buy a VGA extender over ethernet cables to send the signal on the stage, but I'm not sure if I can output two different resolutions at the same time. I need a DVI-to-VGA scaler? Or just an active adapter is enough?



  • I would either do a mirror display from the computer so that you have the hardware/OS do your signal distribution.

    The DVI dualHead2go can send same image on both outs, analog 3h2go does not but if you have a graphics card with more than 2 outputs or if you have multiple cards it should be easy. 
    -You can also get a signal distributor to split the same to your multiple outputs.
    -Some projectors have pass-through for VGA.
    Leaving isadora to handle multiple stages will affect performance.

  • I have a th2go dp edition, and the idea is to run the show on a macbookpro 15'' 2.2 Ghz i7 4 core, and if necessary buy a ssd drive to improve bandwidth.
    I have also an option for a macpro 8 core, but for travel is less simple and light...

    The show is simple : I'll working on some clips to be played one after the others in sequential order (no effect, only fades from and to black), I'll use preload actor before switch from one to another.  I want to have two stage on Izzy beacause I want to send text informations to the dancers to help them on timing issues. Do you think two Hd streams is possible with my configuration?

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    First of all, a TripleHead2Go cannot output different resolutions to its different outputs. As such, both your stages will need to be 1080p and then you will need to scale the LCD monitor signal down. You can do this with some sort of dedicated scaling hardware but that could be expensive. I think you best bet is to just use an LCD monitor that support 1080p (either natively or through internal scaling) and then get a VGA over Cat5 extender that supports resolutions that high. I have used one by Gefen at 1080p numerous times.

  • Dear Sbico,

    I think Matthew's suggestion is correct. If you only have one display port output, then you really have no option to output at two different resolutions, even with the TH2Go. If you were using a mini-Mac, however, then I think you could have two separate outputs (one via the HDMI output and one via the display port) and could achieve your goal. Maybe that's an option?
    Best Wishes,
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    The Mac Mini would do what Mark described but then you wouldn't have an operator monitor. Given that portability is a concern, I think that a MacBook Pro Retina would really be the best choice since that will give you an operator monitor plus 2-3 additional outputs at your choice of resolutions.

  • Thanks Guys!

    I'm waiting to receive the lcd that are bought for the show, and make a test. Maybe with an hdmi connection it can work ( if the lcd make the conversion). So I can try a th2go in 1920x1080 with one dvi for the projector and one hdmi for the lcd, each one with extender.
    If I'm not lucky a mbp retina is a good way. The mac mini is a possible way once the show will be fixed, but for creative stage I don't know if is the way to go. We have 11 days in theater to finalize the show next week so I want to be more flexible as possible. At least I have my macpro waiting to buy a mbp retina...

    Just a last question, you work always with extender via cat5/6 cables? I mean is the way to go? Beacause we have no effects but cinema style images shotted with red camera, so I try to have the best hd quality I can...



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    Just to confirm; That would work on a Mac mini yes.

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    DVI over fibre is going to be the best quality but that is also very expensive. If you can't afford that, a decent quality CAT5/6 extender should work well.

  • the cheap CAT5/6 baluns are not great. i got a HDMI to twin CAT6 system for around £100 and it'll go 40m, but it's not very reliable - even with high quality cables. if you want to go down that route, i'd suggest going for a Kramer system or similar spec. i wonder: does anybody have any experience of HD wireless senders?

    enjoy those 11 days in the theatre. i'd love to get 11 days to tech a show. most times we're lucky to get 11 hours.

  • I imagine cat5 or 6 aren't very good for quality. Good fiber extender are very expensive (start from 1000Euros), I find an Aten DVI-booster that let transmit the signal to 25 meters, enough to reach the video projector from tech place, I hope it will be a good one!!

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    A good (not cheap) CAT5/6 extender is just as good as running via a long cable or using a booster. I've used/seen extenders from Gefen and others on some of the biggest projects around.