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    Please download Isadora 3.0.2, now available on our get-it page.

    You can read about what has been updated and fixed at the end of the Isadora 3 Release notes, under the heading "3.0.2 Release Notes (July 22nd, 2019)"

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    Just to save y'all a bunch of scrolling, because the original release notes are quite long:

    3.0.2 Release Notes (July 22nd, 2019)

    MacOS Multichannel Sound Support

    • Mark reinstated the old MacOS multi-channel sound support, which means that there is now an item in the output menu labeled "Sound Output Setup" again, which functions on MacOS and shows a "not implemented" alert on Windows. However, this is a temporary solution, eventually we hope to add multi-channel sound support using the SoLoud library so it can be cross-platform.

    Bug Fix, Plugin - OSC Multi Transmit plugin - OSC Multi Transmit Will Not Send Mixed Types is fixed. (Issue present in 2.6.1.)

    Bug Fix, Plugin - Activate Scene - “transition” input re-added.

    Bug Fix, Plugin - Activate Scene Amount - “transition” input re-added.

    Bug Fix, Plugin - Stage Mouse Watcher - actor now functions in full screen, non-blended displays, and preview windows.

    Bug Fix, Plugin - JavaScript - Issue where Javascript lost color formatting when moving the window between displays was fixed.

    Bug Fix, Plugin - JavaScript - Issue where Javascript editing was very sluggish was fixed.

    Bug Fix, Plugin - JavaScript+GLSL Shaders - Issue with undo not functioning properly was fixed.

    Cosmetic Fix, Plugin - Alpha Tool - Fixed a few typos and clarified the settings for the "action" input.

    Cosmetic Fix, Plugin - Sound Frequency Watcher - Fixed a  typo.

    Cosmetic Fix, Dialog - "Isadora has experienced an unexpected error" - Fixed a  typo on Mac.

    Feature Added - 32-bit Plugin Warning - On Windows 10 Isadora 3 will now warn you if you attempt to start up with one or more 32-bit plugins in an Isadora 3 plugin folder, give you their names, and give you the option to open the relevant folder to remove the offending plugin(s).

    Feature Added - Stage Setup - Added a "Reset" button for the curves on blended Stages

    Bug Fix, Feature - IzzyMap - Publishing IzzyMap points using the trackpad ‘ctrl+click’ and right-click fixed.

    Bug Fix, Feature - IzzyMap - Scrolling through the list of mapping slices with the mouse wheel/trackpad fixed.

    Bug Fix, Feature - IzzyMap - A scrollbar now appears if you add a large number of mapping slices

    Bug Fix, Feature - IzzyMap - IzzyMap window is now auto-closed if the Projector actor is selected and reset via the menu option "Reset to Default Values"

    Bug Fix, Feature - Blind Mode - Can now edit actors pasted into a Scene while in Blind Mode.

    Bug Fix, Feature - Floating Stage Previews - Preview Windows weren't updating their configuration once they'd been shown. Now, if you change Shared OpenGL Resources, Full Frame Antialiasing, Disable Vertical Retrace Sync, or Floating Stage Windows, and the preview windows are visible, Isadora will hide them and show them automatically.

    Bug Fix, Feature - Rebuilt Media From Folder - Wasn't working in 3.0.1, but has been fixed on Mac and Windows for 3.0.2.

    Bug Fix, Feature - Stage Setup - Default Preview Size percentage maximum limited to 100%.

    Bug Fix, Feature - Detach Links at Output/Input - Issue where certain actions (mostly zooming/moving in the Scene Editor) would interfere with this feature is now fixed.

    Bug Fix, Feature - Issue where pressure was not being read from Wacom tablets is now fixed.

    Crash Fix - Control Panel - Selecting a Control and choosing “Send to Back” no longer causes a crash.

    Crash Fix - Startup Crash - Fixed a Mac-only issue where having certain variants of "Vollkorn" font installed on Mac would cause a crash on startup.

    Crash Fix - Reset to Default Values - Publishing an IzzyMap point, selecting the Projector actor, then selecting "Reset to Default Values" caused a series of assertion dialogs. (Issue present in 2.6.1.)

    • This affected more than just the Projector actor; similar crashes/problems were present with the Selector actor if you set the number of inputs to 3 and then perform the reset. In both cases, if you had links connected to the inputs that disappear because of the reset, they would be lost and not restored during undo. 

    Crash Fix - IzzyMap - Fixed some issues relating to the Grid mapper slice options

    Menu, Cosmetic - Menu: Isadora > Isadora Preferences (Dialog) > Warnings > When there is no audio output and the Sound Player is disabled - Added "(Windows Only)"

    Menu, Cosmetic - Menu: Isadora: Isadora Preferences (Dialog): Warnings: When "Displays have separate Spaces" is Enabled (Mac Only) - Fixed capitalization

    Menu, Cosmetic - Menu: Isadora > Isadora Preferences (Dialog) > Warnings - The last two warnings in this list no longer visually overlap

    Menu, Change - Menu: Output > Sound Output Setup… - This menu option has returned (and as in 2.6.1 is Mac only).

    Menu, Cosmetic - Menu: Help > Open Plugin Folder > TroikaTronix GLSL Shaders - "TroikaTronix Shaders" menu option renamed "TroikaTronix GLSL Shaders" for the sake of clarity