How to Trigger Led spot lights and audio/video

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    I am designing an installation using 6 LED spot lights which are triggered on and off independently and at specific times in conjunction with audio/video. Is this possible using Isadora and a DMX controller, or do I need more hardware? ie. DMX dimmer? 


  • @levithanh393

    Izzy supports Artnet out. So if you’d get yourself a device like an Enttec ODE Mk2 or similar, DMXcable and power, you should be good to go. 

    If you prefer working with a more dedicated piece of lighting software, you could always use QLC and have Isadora trigger cues through OSC. You’d still need a DMX out device to get the signal to your lights, like the aforementionted Enttec.

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    That all depends on the LED spot's you are using. Are it DMX LEDPar's? Or normal LED lights from a standard hardware store?

    If it are DMX lights you can use a standard DMX interface (like an Enttec DMXUSB pro) 

    If it are LED lights form a hardware store you can maybe use a PWM (Puls widht modulator if they are dimmable) or a Relay board to control them. These are also available in dmx versions. 

    I think that would be the easiest option.

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