MOV files could not be read when imported it in Isadora

  • When I import MOV files it always failed and said "The movie could not be read because of an unexpected error. This may be because a required codec is missing, because the file is an alias or link that points to a non-existent file,because of a read error, or because the file's contents are corrupt."

    And I have downloaded QUCIKTIME player and whatever, it does not resolve. Can anyone help ....

  • @krystal0103

    what is your system and what is the codec of your .mov file? If your .mov file is encoded with HAP for example, you need to install the codec do read it properly

  • Tech Staff


    Please file a support ticket using the link in my signature and give us as many details about the issue as possible (including what version of Isadora you are using, your OS, etc.)