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  • Hello.

    I'm wondering if anybody has any tricks for getting a wireless video feed into Isadora, via something like a security camera or a baby monitor, or even the DJI Osmo Pocket and their smartphone apps. 

    Right now I'm able to get the video in from a CHEAP baby monitor that has a very simple mobile app, using syphoner and Airstream Connect (a display sharing app). It works really well, actually, but the workflow setting up the monitor app with Airstream is not exactly elegant. I would like to make it simpler and more fool-proof so that my stage manager doesn't have to worry about it. 

    Am I missing any tools that would bring the feed directly from the camera app on the phone into Isadora or at least my Mac and then I could use epoccam to grab it? So basically bypass the screen sharer. Or perhaps there's a good wireless camera someone knows about that has a mac app...it seems like they are all made expressly for smartphones and tablets. 

    Thanks for your thoughts


  • @jrhooker

    I'm not sure, if I got you right. But if you would like to use a mobile camera like the ones from mobile phones, to get their video stream wireless into isadora, NewTek offers a NDI mobile App.

    Combined with the NDISyphon app


    You get the stream nearly straight into Isadora.

    Good luck

  • Thanks, @DillTheKraut, but that's not exactly what I'm doing. I'm taking a video feed from a non mobile camera...like from a security camera that runs with its own app and taking the feed from the purpose built mobile app into isadora. Because the camera that I need to use during this live performance must not look like a mobile phone. Otherwise, yes...simple. I mean -- I do have a solution for it, but I'm just wondering if anybody has a better solution. Thanks!

  • Only 640x480 but perhaps interesting for your purpose: Ai-Ball IP  Wifi camera


    and I use SyphonNetCamera to connect to Isadora (work with other IP camera) https://github.com/normen/syph...



  • Tech Staff


    This post of mine might be helpful:


    I tend to use AirBeam Pro for iPhones: https://appologics.com/airbeam-pro-for-osx_425-html

    For mid-range-budget projects, I've used wireless HDMI systems. I get a camera with HDMI out, plug the wireless HDMI transmitter into the camera (and power the transmitter with by a portable cell-phone battery pack). These systems have a maximum range (better wireless systems will go farther, check the specs but generally more expensive = longer range) and don't like to work through walls (so tricky if your computer is in the booth and your stage is 80'-100' away). Rather than using a short HDMI cable and having the wireless receiver by the show computer in the booth/across the room, I've used HDMI-over-Cat extenders to give me, essentially, a 100'-150' HDMI cable. This allows me to place the wireless receiver in above the middle of the stage (so it's closer to the transmitter and also centering it over the stage gives me even coverage). HDMI-over-Cat extenders also have a maximum distance, so make sure you're not exceeding the distance of the extenders that you're using/that you get extenders that can work for the distance you need them to (check the specs, but generally more expensive ones can go further.) I've found this setup works extremely well for me. 

    I've also programmed Isadora patches designed to allow a Wii-remote to trigger some basic effects on the live feed (freeze image/cross-fade from frozen image back to live feed + fade out to black + fade up from black + bump out/in to/from black), and given the Wii remote to the livefeed camera operator so that they could trigger the effects themselves. The effects allowed him to freeze the image/cut to black, reposition without giving everyone vertigo, then bring back the live feed whenever he was happy with the new shot he framed up. The patch also captured a still image of the live feed stage every time a Wii remote button was pressed, so it doubled as a way for me to get some production shots.

  • @jfg Wow! This looks like a nifty little thing. And cheap. I'll definitely check it out. Thanks for the nod. 

  • @woland Yes! This is definitely my backup plan. The show is touring to all sort of different types of spaces so I'm also trying to find the version that is most controllable and less contingent on environment. The wii programming is outside of my skillset, I believe, but maybe one of these days. Thanks so much!

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    If you go for the wireless hdmi solution, I highly advise against purchasing a cheap wireless hdmi system or cheap hdmi-over-Cat extenders. Cheap ones have all sorts of problems. You needn’t go for the most expensive ones either, but look at the midrange of what Adorama and B&H offer for those two products. Midrange ones are worth investing in; they’re more reliable, can go farther, and will last longer. With cheap ones you definitely get what you pay for...

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    @jrhooker said:

    Because the camera that I need to use during this live performance must not look like a mobile phone.

    Can you have a propsmaster or master carpenter build you a fake camera housing for a smartphone?

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    @jrhooker said:

    The wii programming is outside of my skillset, I believe, but maybe one of these days.

    It’s very easy if you have the OSCulator file pre-built; it just becomes a matter of putting in OSC listeners for the various controls.

    We also have a tutorial on how to use a Wii Remote and OSCulator with Isadora.

  • @woland

    I often used Teradek Bolt alot. They have very good ranges and are very stable, even in difficult environments. And they have near zero delay! I'm not sure if generally, but in my region (Germany), they are common rental gear.



  • I use the Teradek Bolt as well. It's awesome.  The new ACE looks great, too, and is cheaper!