[ANSWERED] Intel Depth Sensing Camera Plugin Status?

  • Hi All.

    First off, I'm new to Isadora and very impressed - not just in terms of functionality, but with the artistic lens that clearly has guided the development over time.  It's subtle, but unlike other platforms out there.  Very much appreciated.

    I'm working on a project here in NYC for Balinese gamelan and dance and am looking to use the Intel d435 Depth Sensing Camera as a key part of the visual production.  I realize there are a lot of things going on with the new 3.0, but just curious if there's an ETA for the depth sensing camera plugins (and if they'll provide the alignment functions to align the video feed with the depth)?  I've got a rough version using a librealsense wrapper feeding processing through Sprout, but it can't align the images and often crashes Isadora when rewiring connections.  I assume an officially sanctioned plugin will be better and more stable long-term.

    Thanks much for your time.  



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    I can't give a date yet, but I can say very soon ;)

    Please stay tuned (check the Isadora facebook page and forum for updates)

  • That's great news.  I look forward to digging in for real when available.  Thanks for the update.  

  • @jmellin said:

    That's great news.  I look forward to digging in for real when available.  Thanks for the update.  

     We gave out copies of these plugins at the Werkstatt. I am awaiting some further feedback in the next week or two before we put them out on the plugins page for everyone.

    However, if you're ready to use these and happy to encounter potential crashes, I can PM you the URLs. Your feedback if there are problems would be welcome.

    Best Wishes,

  • @mark - Hi Mark.  That's fantastic.  I saw the pictures on FB of the body tracking and it occurred to me that it might be something you and the team were demoing there.  I'd be very appreciative of the 'beta' versions of the plugins if you're willing to release.  My day job in technology management sees lots of products pre-release and I'm willing and able to offer any assistance I can.  Thank you much and hope the workshop is going well!