Has anyone tested the Intel NUC Hades Canyon mini gaming computer with Isadora?

  • Has anyone tested an Intel NUC Hades Canyon mini computer with Isadora? I have a tricky install coming up where I am going to need to run multiple computers and it seems like it could be an affordable option. Any help or advice much appreciated 

  • @nandada

    Yes, I have one of these, the slightly higher end version. To be precise it's got these specs:


    Unlocked Intel i7 Hades Canyon Radeon Vega VR Gaming NUC Mini PC Kit
    Intel NUC8i7HVK Hades Canyon VR Gaming NUC, i7-8809G w/ Radeon RX Vega M GH Graphics, 4GB HBM2, DDR4, 2x M.2, Barebone

    I added 32GB or RAM, 1 x 256GB NVMe SSD (for OS and programs) and 1 x 960GB NVMe for media.

    Isadora's been working very well for me on it, running a show which uses 3 x projectors + monitor, 2 x Blackmagic capture devices on the TB3 ports with TB3->TB2 adaptors, 2 x Webcams on USB ports. KB and Mouse and USB soundcard and USB MidiController.

    Any questions, do please ask. Happy to try things for you on it. But I'm very pleased: much, much more stable than the Dell Precision m3800 laptop I was using before, even though that had quite similar specs. It's small, quiet, pretty well made, and just works!



  • Tech Staff

    I have tested this system as well. In my case it worked well but I ended up returning it. The project I was migrating to the machine required more video ram to run correctly. But I can confirm that it ran nicely and managed multiple displays nicely.