• Re: [Isadora 3 Has BLIND MODE!](/topic/5880/isadora-3-has-blind-mode)

    I have been working with a Zoom H6 as a sound interface for quite some time. 

    In my last set up I had 3 compressor mics connected to it and it works really well. However last week I was running a show and I really wanted to test the Blind Mode and while I was fiddling around the scene where I get the live input from, Isadora started to crash on me, telling me that an error occurred with the live input device. I did not manage to take screenshots of this. I wonder if this is a bug or if my mac book pro cannot handle it sometimes? The patch is quite a simple one.

      Model Name: MacBook Pro

      Model Identifier: MacBookPro11,4

      Processor Name: Intel Core i7

      Processor Speed: 2,2 GHz

      Number of Processors: 1

      Total Number of Cores: 4

      L2 Cache (per Core): 256 KB

      L3 Cache: 6 MB

      Memory: 16 GB

  • Tech Staff

    please submit a supoort request. Link in my signature.

    This issue will probably need to be reproduced locally to really examine it.