Blackmagic Intensity Shuttle & Composite input

  • I have a Blackmagic Intensity Shuttle Thunderbolt on trial and need to connect a Sony EVI-D70P to the input. I have tried both the Composite Video and the S-Video input but nothing shows up in Isadora. Does anyone here have experience of a similar set up? /Andrew

  • Izzy Guru

    I have heard mixed reports about the BM stuff working... It's only really designed to work with their own software. SOme have had it working but its apparently very awkward to set up.

  • It doesn't even seem to work with Blackmagic's own software! There is a program that comes with the kit called Media Express and I have managed to view the S-video input in that software - but only that input and not the composite, component or HDMI. Strangely I have been able to get the HDMI input into Isadora but not into Blackmagic's own software. All the drivers and software are freshly downloaded from the Blackmagic site.

    Maybe this is the wrong kit but I was hoping that Thunderbolts faster bus speed might help reduce latency. My ambition is to be able to import live video with as little latency as possible. This is why I am using Composite or S-video because it is my understanding that because this is not digitalised it is going to give me the fastest response before coming into the digital domain. However it is possible that I am not thinking right about this.
    What are peoples own experience of reducing latency as much as possible. Which hardware gives the best results?
  • Beta Gold

    I had problems with this model but they were solved with the new drivers. 9.7.1.

    First check the system preferences and tell the right input type (hdmi, composite, components or s-video
    The, go to live input settngs and chose among the settings the same one.
    N.B. If you are in PAL everytime you launch Isadora and starti digitizing it comes back to NTSC 
    Only tried HDMI and composite but it works fine 

  • Encouraging to hear that it works for you. I'll try reloading the drivers but I am using 9.7.1 and see if it makes like better.

    I have changed the system preferences before selecting the input in Isadora but I have only had a positive result with HDMI. I know the camera & cable are working because I can get the composite feed into Isadora with my old Grassvalley ADVC 55 box.