REWARD: Recreate this Windows Bug = Cash Bounty!

  • Dear All,

    There's been a bug affecting a handful of Windows users for a while now that I've tried, and tried and tried again to recreate with no success. So, I'm offering a "bounty" of US$200 or a free license of Isadora if you can make the problem happen on your computer and give me precise instructions how to make it happen on my computer.
    The problem is described in this "[knowledge base](" article.
    It says that a mobile phone acting as a disk drive is the problem, but that does not always seem to be the case. It could be perhaps an external drive (thumb or otherwise) or other devices. Even when users have taken the time to give me clues, and I've tried to recreate the situation, I've just never ever been able to make it happen.
    Basically, to try to make it happen, you need to attach some extra devices to your computer, start up Isadora and see if it announces to you that it's reverted to demo mode. What I would try is connecting lots of things (thumb drive, mobile phone via bluetooth, etc.) and start up Isadora. If she complains, then 1) quit isadora, 2) disconnect one of the devices, 3) start up Isadora again. If, after disconnecting one of the devices, it **does not** complain, then you've found the device causing the problem. If you get that far, disconnect everything. Start up Isadora to ensure she does not revert to demo mode. Then quit, attach the suspect device, and start up. If it again shows the reverting to demo dialog, you've found it.
    I really want to kill this little beast (believe me, beast is not the word word I wish to use here, but decorum prevents me from using other more colorful terms) and so I'm offering this reward as an incentive to anyone who'd like to give it a go.
    If I can provide you with any further clues, please let me know.
    The race is on. I look forward to parting with some $$ for the first person who can give me a solution.
    Best Wishes,