• I am trying out the camera capture on windows with Isadora 3 I am using a blackmagic capture card (PCIe) and an SDI signal at 1080i50. 

    I found a few things.

    When using the blackmagic driver capture to disk is not possible at all (this is an old bug).

    When using the windows capture setting and choosing deckink video capture it is not possible to set a resolution and frame rate. I want to capture at 1080i50, the drop down list for resolution has only 1080p. When I then go to settings to change the resolution it does not stick and always reverts to 1080p23.98, the settings do not work or save.

    The only way to actually get an incoming signal and record it is with windows capture driver and then blackmagic WDM capture.

    The recordings I get seem blocky even when using less compressed codecs at full quality.

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  • @woland The fact that I cannot capture to disk when using the blackmagic driver is not addressed, nor the fact that the decklink video capture interface (selected in the device selection) does not allow for settings to be changed. The codec info is useful, but I want to be able to use all the available settings for testing this.

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    The BM capture issue is a known bug, and on our list.
    You can work around this by sending the signal to a Virtual stage, and then use Capture Stage to Movie.

    I'm not sure what to say about the options available, since I do not have similar hardware to test at this time.
    Are you talking about settings that are available in the Live Capture settings?

  • @dusx yes it's all the settings in live capture settings. I can make it via work arounds, for teaching it's better to have a straight workflow. This came to my attention when students switched from Mac to PC. I knew it was a bug pre V3, I thought it might have been fixed and broken again.