• Tech Staff

    Dear Isadora Users,

    Apple will release macOS 10.15 Catalina soon. Like many other companies, we suggest that you wait to install this new version of macOS.

    Here's what you need to know:

    • Upgrading your operating system or your Isadora version during the run of a show is never a good idea: don't do it!!! 
    • We are aware that Isadora 3.0.2 crashes on startup under Catalina.
    • We are testing Isadora 3.0.3 with Catalina right now, and it is running well. We plan to release this version within a week of Apple's release.
      • If you have already upgraded to Catalina and need to work with Isadora 3, please submit a ticket so that we can provide you with a beta that runs on Catalina.
    • Catalina will not run any 32 bit application, which includes Isadora 2 or earlier, because Catalina is a 64-bit only operating system.

    We strongly suggest that you wait a few a few months before installing macOS Catalina. We on the TroikaTronix team usually wait at least six months before upgrading our show computers to ensure reliable performance. We hope our example will inspire you to do the same.


    The TroikaTronix Team