How do I project onto a bell tent?

  • The students I'm working with at the moment are interested in creating a responsive video environment to be experienced from inside a bell tent. We have a 2-man tent with a white liner, so if we don't pitch the waterproof outer layer we can back-project onto the liner and create something that looks nice for someone lying inside the tent looking up.
    I have 2 x UST projectors and some stands, so I was thinking of projecting down onto the tent from about 2m up, one each side.

    Any ideas what might be a good way to map onto the tent so that a 2D video image makes sense in 3 dimensions?

  • @dbini you can always make the animation in something like houdini with a 3d model of the tent for the base structure and then use a 3d model player (with the tent model) and video rendered from houdini as a texture map that matches the model (so it has all perspectives not just one). Then you can use 2 of the 3d scene orientation with 2 stages to get kind of close to the orientation of each of the video projectors and then map the rest as needed. It is a pretty common workflow (baked textures) for mapping on objects and ending up with coherent geometry.

  • Thanks Fred, but I think they want to make something based on the Live Drawing actor that can be controlled realtime. Maybe we need to keep it really simple...