• I'm trying to put together a nimble set-up for projection in remote areas. Ideally I would have a 13-14" screen & wgt of < 4.5lb. Which seems to be a limiting factor when it comes to a discreet GPU with enough VRAM. At the 15" screen width this problem goes away. I've mostly been looking at DELL: XPS 13" 7390, Vostro 15" 7590, G5 15" gaming. Suggestions welcome.

    Vostro 15 7590 Laptop
    Vostro 15 7590 Laptop

    The Dell Looking for suggestions.

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    The Razor 13 inch stealth is interesting at this size, its available with a nVidia mobile chip  https://www.razer.com/gaming-laptops/razer-blade-stealth
    The nVidia mx150 is an interesting Mid ground (apparently similar to a gtx950m performance wise) see: https://www.notebookcheck.net/UHD-Graphics-620-vs-GeForce-MX150_8098_8000.247598.0.html

    I personally went for a 15inch. The Gigabyte aero 15x with a 1070 ( the newer version offer even higher end components) 


  • @dusxThanks I'll check out these suggestion. Are the Nvidia mx 150 and 250 units adequate for Isadora? This is really my question - how low can I go?

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    Re: the mx 150 and 250. I have never used them, but if they run similar to a gtx 950m , I would imagine that they would be capable for many uses.
    My previous machine had gtx 870m, and I could do anything I needed to. Before that I had a gtx 640m  and found that I could do a lot with that machine.
    Of course the real answer is what do you expect to do. Some users can get away with using internal Intel graphics cards. I have done this with the Mac mini I have here, and have had no problems (single HD output).
    Hardware choices are often about the balance of hardware you can get. Disk Speed is another big factor, and depending on your usage CPU may also be very important.

  • @dusx Thanks, I think I need at least GTX 1070 level for what I want to do. The Razer and Gigabyte 15 were great suggestions, seem to have everything I need and are physically smaller than a lot of the competition!

  • Some friends of mine are using the newer MSI stuff, which looks awesome. They appear to be well made, too.