Catalina + Increased Security: What You Need To Know for *ALL* Your Apps

  • Dear All,

    So, the good news today is that I have just completed the process of notarizing Isadora for Catalina. This new security requirement impacts what Isadora can do, and primarily – for us anyway – has to do with our ability to load third-party plugins. I will know more tomorrow about what that means as I just got it working a few minutes ago..

    That said, the increased security of Catalina is going to be a nightmare for many pieces of software, especially for those who use third-party plugins that are not code signed. (Code signing is process that allows a computer to know that a file wasn't tampered with since the developer released it.)

    This doesn't just affect Isadora, it affects any program that loads external plugins. (E.g., some of the fave, indie audio plugins in your toolbox might never work again, even if they are 64 bit compatible, because the developer didn't code sign them and they aren't actively developing the plugin anymore.)

    This article from Peter Kirn at CDM hits a lot the most important points, so I'll simply advise you to read it. But wherever it says "audio plugins", just insert "video plugins" instead to understand the impact this is going to cause.

    The bottom line (as I understand it) is that any plugin that is not code signed by its developer, it's not going to run under Catalina. We're updating all of the official TroikaTronix external plugins (ArtNet, v002 Rutt Etra, Send PJLink etc.) now to ensure they are code signed and will work without issue once Catalina is out. But when it comes to third-party stuff there may be no recourse and the plugins simply won't function any longer.

    Of course, you could turn off your SIP (System Integrity Protection) but given that doing ended up with numerous AVID workstations in Hollywood being temporarily "bricked" last week, that's clearly not a good idea. (Read more about about this debacle, caused by a nasty bug in the Chrome Updater from Google,  in Variety and this special page addressing the problem)

    I don't mean to be all doom and gloom about this; I know security is important. But I must say to have no safe way to disable this safely feels like a step backward to me.

    For now, I really would advise holding off on this upgrade unless you must.


  • Izzy Guru

    Sorry but got to have a slight rant here, I love apple, but every single Mac OS release comes with a ton of problems. Every software I see from many industries all fighting to make their software's work when a release happens. I find it incredible. Why oh why do Apple do this? its so frustrating.

  • @skulpture said:

    but every single Mac OS release comes with a ton of problems

    Of course, Windows Update wiped out Ryan's main hard drive *twice*. So, it's not just Apple who are benefiting us with issues. :-(

    Best Wishes,