Difficulties sending stages to multiple projectors

  • Hello!

    I am having some issues sending two different contents into two projectors: I have created two stages with each projector assigned to each of them and in the stages setup it all looks right but both contents have been assigned to a single stage one after the other as you can see in one of the images I have attached.

    I know I might be making a very basic mistake but I am a bit stuck at the moment.

    Any help would be very appreciated!!



  • Tech Staff

    is the pink color burst output from Isadora as well?
    From what I can see in the image, it looks like the Stage Setup is correct.

  • I think the pink burst is a desktop wallpaper for the second projector. In Stage Setup - are your 2 displays in the same place? I think you could try dragging display 2 to the right of display 1. The draggable displays are useful for setting up blending. It looks like you have one on top of the other in your Stage Setup, and therefore its happening in your projector as well.

  • @DusX Hi DusX, sorry I should have clarified it. The pink burst is one of the wallpaper of my desktop. In that screen I should have Stage 2 from Display 3 as you can see in the pics with another deer projection. Instead, both contents appear stacked in the same display. Any idea why?

  • Tech Staff

    what physical outputs are the projectors connected to?

    And what 'spaces' setting do you have set in mission control?

    Can you included screen shots of your display settings?

  • Sorry, this was the wrong Thread.

    Hello @santmart

    you are welcome to vote for the regarding feature request. ;-)


    Thank you

  • @dusx

    Hi DusX,

    Thanks for your reply!

    I have been switching on and off some of the options in Mission Control and after relogging into my user it worked. Now I need to have a closer look and see what exactly was causing the problem.

    Thanks a lot, you guys rock!